About Us

Ken<br><br>Well folks, this is where it all started! In 1977, Ken traded his jeep for this 1945 servi-car, although back then, it looked a bit different.  He agreed to trade the jeep for a Harley, site unseen, and when he got it, saw it had been cut in half with an indian rear end welded on. Turns out, it was a servi-car that moonlighted as a hill climber for a short time!  Many years later, Kenny finally restored it to its original servi-car glory and has been riding it ever since.  This bike has won him many awards, and we sometimes joke that he loves it more than his own kids!<br><br>Ken has always been fascinated with how things work, and over the years has learned to fix anything with an engine. Ken has been building and buying trikes for most of his life, teaching himself how to  maintain them along the way. We are grateful that he is showing us everything he knows about these gems. He is known to us as the original “Trike Guy”!
Abe <br> <br>
Ken’s son-in-law, Abe, has picked things up quickly around here, which is no surprise since he is learning from the best. He started building his 1967 in 2016, when Ken gave him a frame as a Christmas present, and has been hooked ever since. He enjoys rebuilding engines, riding and going to swap meets, but 
especially likes to hang with the guys in the garage, drinking a beer and cleaning parts.
Karla <br><br>It wasn’t always love at first sight for Ken and Sharon’s daughter, Karla. She actually used to hate motorcycles, and I mean HATE them. Growing up, bikes were everywhere, including in the house, so she thought of them as a nuisance and definitely did not share in the families appreciation. One thing she has always loved was shopping, and like the flip of a switch, she refocused her shopping obsession toward motorcycles, and the rest is history!<br><br>Karla began to understand why everyone loved these trikes and started to feel left out for not having one of her very own. She recently built a completely original 1945 with her father. She loves spending time and creating new memories with her family in the garage.
Kenny <br><br>
Abe’s brother Kenny (yes there are two “Kens” in the family which can get quite confusing) is the goofball of the bunch. He’s always doing something silly and causing laughs, usually at his own expense. Kenny became really interested in trikes after his father died in 2017. It started as an outlet and then turned into a hobby which has brought our families closer together. He built this 1949 with the help of Ken and Abe, finally finishing it in 2020. The bike turned out to be crazy and wild, totally representing his personality. It’s definitely unique with the brass details and big tires! Much of his free time is spent helping Ken and Abe with projects, but he also enjoys finding loads of parts to keep feeding the family's servi-car obsession.
Rick<br><br>Ken’s brother Rick shares the passion for all things 45. Although he lives a few hours away, we look forward to his regular visits so he can catch us up on some of his great finds and buys. Rick and Ken built this 1961 beauty from scratch and it always gets a lot of attention at swap meets. Much like the old days, Rick spends many of his summer days with Ken playing with this and that in the garage. They can be in there from dusk till dawn, only (reluctantly) stopping to eat. They enjoy puttering around on whatever project is going on at the time. These brothers have become closer and closer over the years, and we think it's the 45 magic that keeps them glued together.
Sharon AKA 'Mom' <br><br> Ken’s wife Sharon bought this 1940 servi-car, which is the oldest in the family, and because of that, she thinks it’s the absolute coolest! Married to a motorcycle nut for 30+ years, she is used to the noise and hustle of packing up bikes on trailers to go to meets and shows. She puts up with an awful lot with this group, but definitely lives up to her name. She makes sure we are all fed, and cared for, after long days in the garage where we all tend to gravitate. She doesn’t ride often, but boy does this bike make her smile!